Blogs I follow (And you Should too)

On this page you’ll find a blog roll of 10 blogs I am following, well, let me explain why…

A Beautiful Revolution (

This Blog was founded by a artist with depression. Alongside discussing how depression influences art, and vice versa, you get to see some pretty sweet artwork.

Beyond Meds (

This blog is helpful because it offers alternative advice as far as dealing with depression beyond filling a month prescription. You can get advice about holistic medicine and more.

Confessions of a Depressed College Student (

Pretty self explanatory and hits pretty close to home. This blog is similar to mine in that it is meant to help those with depression cope and those without to understand.

Daisies and Bruises (

A blog started by a girl named Erin, and one of the best depression blogs of the year, Daisies and Bruises is the story many with depression never tell. Erin allows others to go on her journey of mental health.

Depression Marathon (

A marathon runner with depression shares her experiences. A different take on the depression epidemic, using running as a coping method.

Pick the Brain (

Pick the Brain is a self help blog, not simply about depression. It offers tips to better mental and physical help, such as exercise plans, or places that you can visit to make you feel better.

Students Against Depression (

A blog started after two college aged guys committed suicide, Students Against Depression hopes to bring awareness to college students who are suffering. A site by students and for students, and another one that hits close to home.

This is a Depression Blog (

The title speaks for itself, however another blog by a 20 something trying to figure things out for herself. This blog is reminiscent to the freshly out of college student who isn’t quite sure where they’re headed in life (and newsflash, that’s ok)

Time to Change (

This blog is not saying it’s time for people with depression to change, but rather change the stigma surrounding mental illness. This blog hopes to educate people who don’t know much about depression, and lift the judgement people with depression face.

and one of my all time favorites…


To Write Love on Her Arms (

Since 2006 I’ve been following TWLOHA, and have empathized with their message. As someone who has sufffered from depression for an extended period of time, TWLOHA has been there through a lot of it. Their mission is to help those with depression understand themselves, and let people know they are not alone in their fight with mental illness.



These are my top 10 blogs, and I’m sure there are more out there, but these are worth a follow!


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