Half of Us

MTV has paired with Half of Us, a mental health advocacy group geared toward helping young people. I feel this is a genuine resource because their website has plenty of links, and they’re not solely meant for people with depression.

Half of Us focuses on depression, but they also have helped people with anxiety, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, as well as many different mental health issues that are common today.

Half of Us also has celebrity ambassadors such as Pete Wentz (talked about that in a previous post) and Mary J Blige. Half of Us wants people to know that love is louder than the pain they have been feeling.

I think their website in important to visit if you or someone you know might be struggling because it gives very clear reasons and resources for helping others. Firstly, we have to talk about it, the more open you are with people, the more open with likely be with you. This is why Half of Us encourages people to keep their eyes open to what’s going on around them, because those who are feeling that pain most of the time have become very good at hiding it. Also, they want a community of people who are okay with talking about mental illness.”Love is Louder” is their motto- so if you are more accepting of someone who might be ill, they will likely be more accepting of the help.

That’s why helping a friend and being there for the ones you love in so important. When we see people everyday we oftentimes have some “small talk” with them, but do we really connect? Making that loving engaging connection could make the difference for a lot of people, you never know what’s going on in someone’s head or their personal life. Though sometimes we want to “be there” for people, we might be making the wrong choices if we are enabling them (such as letting them drink to cover up their problems) or letting them continue to go on without help. It’s not a friend’s job to be a therapist, but it is important to reach out, and maybe if that doesn’t work getting a hold of their parents, siblings, or significant other.

If you ever feel alone know there are resources for you. Not only with Half of Us but at your school, or talk to your friends, let them know how you feel. Someone is willing to listen.


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