Healthcare & Mental Health

We’ve talked about the crippling numbers of people in the US who don’t seek help for their mental illness. In fact, a new study shows that more than half of adults with some sort of mental illness are not getting the treatment they need. Sure, the stigmas are still there, but the access people have to mental health care is also something that is overlooked.

As bad as it is for adults, 6 out of 10 children who need to see a doctor for their mental illness do not even have access to a doctor qualified to help them, whether it be by medication or any other kind of assistance. It’s also been found those who visit the ER for psychiatric problems seem to have a harder time getting the correct treatment, and once they leave, rarely do they have a follow up.

The general doctors are not entirely well versed in the treatment of mental illness, however, it can be just as serious as any physical injury or illness. The problem, as previously said, is even worse for children.

There are only about 8,000 qualified child psychiatrists in the US- and there about about 15 million kids who suffer from mental illness. And once they leave an emergency room, again, their follow ups get lost in the crowd, or they end up in family medicine offices or with their pediatrician, and sadly, they may sometimes need more than that.

With the ever changing medical field and the dreaded Obamacare (sorry not sorry) many mental health patients get lost in the sea of numbers and charts, and many of them are not getting treated, or treated correctly.

From personal experiences, not only from me but from friends and others, I hear all too often it will be weeks, even months before a specialist can see you- but the reality if it is, some people don’t have weeks or months to wait, they need immediate help. Even if you have private insurance, it can be a headache to find psychiatrists who accept it. In only 55% of them accept private insurance as opposed to the 89% of other doctors who accept private insurance- and many of them are also specialists.

Love him or hate him Donald Trump has even made the comment about the healthcare system and how mental health facilities and doctors are on the medical back burner. (We aren’t going to get political) but this is a very real problem for many people. Not everyone lives in a town with 2 hospitals and countless medical offices, and even here it can be like pulling teeth trying to see a mental health doctor.

This is something I will more than likely discuss again, with it being so close to the election and the governments woeful part in the medical world, things need to improve. Wanting help and getting help are two different things, and it’s really awful to see so many people out there would could easily be helped and treated but can’t find anyone to do it.


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