Drake vs Cudi

The battle with depression can be a debilitating one. In times where reassurance and love is heavily needed, many people on the outside are not sure how to lend a helping hand.

However, some people are genuinely inconsiderate of mental health and one of those people happens to be Drake. A few weeks ago I posted about Kid Cudi’s public announcement that he was putting himself in a rehab facility to get help for his major depression. Many celebs fired back with Tweets of love and support, like Pete Wentz- another advocate for the mental health community.

However, Drake, being Drake, took this moment of weakness to shoot negativity in Cudi’s direction.Drake released a track, “Two Birds, One Stone” that included a verse obviously directed towards Cudi- who released an album “Man on the Moon” and other rappers have taken stabs at him, including G-Eazy.

The verse reads,“You were the man on the moon/ Now you just go through your phases/ Life of the angry and famous/ Rap like I know I’m the greatest/ Then give you the tropical flavors/ Still never been on hiatus/ You stay xanned and perced up.”

Even after the release of the song Drake took to Instagram and other social media to diss Cudi ever further. Plenty of fans took to Twitter in outrage, saying this is how Drake is going to lose fans, and of course Cudi had some choice words for him too. He challenged Drake to say those words to his face- and made a point to bring up he would be out of rehab soon.

Surprisingly enough, Kayne West, the king of assholes, took a very different approach to Cudi’s situation. West dedicated a song to Cudi is Los Angeles and performed “Father Strength My Hands Pt. 1.” West encouraged the crowd to sing Cudi’s part, and said “Lets sing this one time for Cudi.”

sure, rappers beef all the time, but for someone to call someone out on their mental health is really awful. Not only does it contribute to stigma, it leads others to believe it’s okay to do the same thing, especially when you’re someone in the public eye like Drake. You can read more about why Drake sucks here. Though I would never consider myself a fan of Drake, I know now I have an even more genuine distaste for him than before.


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