The Beauty of Music Therapy

Happy November, this is my first post this month, exciting stuff. I recently read in the news the use of music therapy has been proven to help children with depression.

In this study British scientists used 251 children to conduct it’s study. What they found was the children who received music has improved their mood and had less depression than the children who attended conventional therapy.

Professor Sam Porter said in a press release, This study is hugely significant in terms of determining effective treatments for children and young people with behavioural problems and mental health needs. The findings contained in our report should be considered by healthcare providers and commissioners when making decisions about the sort of care for young people that they wish to support.” (I had to spell behavioural cause he’s British.)

This form of music therapy incorporates children playing their own instruments while they are given words of encouragement. Music therapy has also been proven to improve communication and interaction with others, as well as general social function in all age groups.

Study similar to this have been conducted before, but never to this magnitude, and the results were highly definitive. Music therapy is on the rise, they even have their own website with an abundance of resources for those looking for a music therapist or those who want to pursue a career in it.

In fact, within the last academic year West Virginia University’s School of Music has added a program for a degree in music therapy.

Here’s kind of a long Ted talk about music therapy.

Also, the use of music therapy is not limited to those with depression, it serves beneficial to many different people, such as people with cognitive problems, or even autism.

In the coming recent years, we are likely to see an explosion of this method of therapy, instead of clocking in and spilling your guts out to a shirk, also it can prove to be more cost efficient than popping pills on a daily basis.


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