How the Donald Will Get Vets Mental Health Care

Here we are. On the other side of a presidential election. Love him or hate him President-elect Donald Trump has always been in big support of the veterans who often get brushed under the rug. VA Hospitals have the worst track record for psychiatric care, and often they find that many people commit suicide while waiting for help.

Donald Trump has never been quiet about, well, anything, but has often expressed the lack of care that veterans are getting from the VA hospitals. This article goes into great depth about it, but let me highlight the important things.

Number one is Trump is more than willing to make civilians aware of the veterans’ situation. He says in the video posted above he doesn’t talk about the military unless he’s also talking about the veterans. Mental Health First Aide receives Federal funding, and hopes to be expanded under the new presidency.

Not lumping everyone into the category of having PTSD is also a big problem in the VA world. Many people do suffer from PTSD, but there are other forms of mental illness than veterans have faced. A therapist has called some of it “moral injury” because of the things they have done in war makes them feel ugly on the inside.

Technology is also an under utilized asset in the medical world sometimes.In a survey Vets expressed interest in getting medication reminders via text, or even a therapy session via Skype. Also, electronic records would help out tremendously- and the transition of their medical records from active to civilian would go much smoother.

Lastly, Trump doesn’t want vets to feel they are bound by the VA hospitals. He also thinks it’s important for them to get help elsewhere, and it would be absolved by the government. This is helpful to those who live farther away from VA hospitals or have been wait listed for a month, which happens a lot. Also outside of the VA hospital, peer support groups are popping up for those who have served our country, and getting federal funding. They can talk with someone who has also served, and in doing so making a positive connection.

I think it’s really sad how the government has seemed to treat so many veterans, they lay in the streets, homeless and unable to cope. The VA is overrun with people seeking help. But maybe under this new presidency they can feel valued again and the Veterans for Trump will welcome him with open arms. Oh, and happy Veteran’s Day,  what an appropriate post- thanks to everyone who has ever served our country.


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