The Sad Ghost Club

There are a lot of organizations that rally round the idea of promoting a better understand of mental illness. One of them is The Sad Ghost Club.

The Sad Ghost Club is a creative project that makes comics and apparel to bring a positive awareness to mental health issues.


The organization is not limited to these things. They also work with mental health charities alongside artists in hopes to put out a big, positive message about mental health. They also have a blog of their own.

The group also holds workshops and talks based around mental health, and also emotional well-being.

The group really prides themselves on the products they sell, because they really bring out the conversation about mental health.


In fact, many of their products are either sold out or very limited in availability because the response has been so positive.

You can get anything from a pin, to motivational cards that assure you things are going to get better.

The group wants to make sure people who are sad or mentally ill understand that life can get better for them, they just have to keep going. Though making “light” of something as serious as depression really isn’t something I would condone, I think The Sad Ghost Club does it tastefully.

Upon many of their sales they donate money to mental health organizations like Off the Record who provides free mental health services and resources to young people.

Sadly, The Sad Ghost Club is based out of England, so their reach is not quite on the US fronts given they are still finding their footing. However, they want those who feel sad or lost to feel included. It’s the club for those who “don’t feel like their a part of any other club.”


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